"I really want to thank a group of professionals for all they provide us with your attention, respect and friendship ... This extraordinary team, who never looks help ... Where does with dedication and commitment.

BAX Global in Brazil want to thank you for all the 8Arroba what you do to help us.

All of you are people with a rare goal only to give satisfaction to the people who surround you ... 8Arroba you're always ready to help no matter who ... We thank cordially for all that you helped us achieve ... God pay all ... For surely we can never pay as much attention, respect and friendship.

Thanks for everything..."

Ricardo Araujo
Coordinator Operation
Bax Global do Brasil Ltda.

"We at Preventer - Engineering Solutions, we were really looking for a company to carry out our dreams and projects, and I confess that was very difficult to find someone who understood our project and had the willingness to help us. That's when we know the sign and 8 with K. Of course, fundamental. With the help, professionalism, speed and above all responsibility for 8 bushel, especially Katya, we put into practice our projects. execute the dream CONDOMINIUM S / A program that is directly connected with our site www.prevente.eng.br, which controls all maintenance activities of the condos. we also implement an internal program that helps us prepare our building inspection reports. And the release on Monday SECOVI condos www. clubedosindico.com.br. And finally our newest site: www.videosindico.com.br. Thank you 8 sign for helping us to realize our long-awaited projects. We wish much success to you and especially with K. course. "

Vanessa Pezzolato
Assistant Business
PREVENT - Engineering Solutions.

"For the last 1.5 years we are working with 8 Arroba. They have developed a program specially for Schenker purposes.
During this time we received great feedback and help in all request we have. Even though there is a time difference between Brazil and the Netherlands it doesn't really affect our job. Normally all our requests will get solved in a timely matter.
We are happy to work with 8 arroba and would like to thank Jéssica Frazão in particular for the great support she has been given us!
We sincerely hope we will receive the same quality and feedback in the upcoming years!"

Saskia Van Der Perk
CSC Database
Schenker Customer Service Center.

"The Dreco is a firm with 34 years of life, which now sells its products exclusively over the Internet, of Sao Paulo - capital for all our great Brazil.

In fact, selling plastic bags on the Internet is not very common.

The content of your site needs to be clear, concise, with a good mix of text and photos and especially a high frequency of constructive change, all at reasonable cost.

The "8Arroba" gives us a fully informed set of factors with technique and good taste. It's the kind of supplier, once you found, you will never consider changing.

Thanks "8" Arroba and good luck ......"

Eng° Jacques Salib

"We have developed along the 8Arroba our website, showcase great professionalism throughout the process works, following the schedule given to us and assisting us in on the ideas of creating the site."

Jorge Luis Farincho
IT Manager
Manserv Montagem e Manutenção Ltda.

"I met Katya 8Arroba and a few years ago when we were desperately looking for professionals who can - and honest price - to build, in partnership, a commercial website for a very specific customer and an unprecedented proposal.

Through an email I received, got in touch and after a quick knowledge where sympathy also a deciding factor, we start to work. Fortunately, not without the usual setbacks in challenging projects - even more demanding by the level of recovery that I am accustomed to getting - we had a happy ending in time, cost and quality mostly.

As we have a small business web design just to outsource almost exclusively with Kátia all our "production" into major and minor requests always answered in the greatest possible readiness within your schedule, not to mention the cost factor is also well regarded.

We are 8Arroba today as an extension of our services especially when we open the editor and we were / are increasing step by step procedures in the bookshop.

The advantage to tax and to thank her a considerable part of our success is also hers. "

João Antonio Carvalho

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