We work with development of Web Sites, CD-Rom multimedia, DVDs, Digital marketing, Electronic Commerce offering creative solutions in the best way using the higest technology.

Solutions and technology that can be apply, other finalities:
· Divulgation of products and services
· E-business e E-commerce
· Digital Marketing and printed
· Online training and multimedia
· Transfering of know-how
· System integrations


8arroba "For the last 1.5 years we are working with 8Arroba, they have developed a program specially for Schenker purposes.
During this time we received great feedback and help in all request we have.
Even though there is a time difference between Brazil and the Netherlands, but it doesn't really affect our job.
Normally all our requests will get solved in a timely matter."

Saskia Van Der Perk
CSC Database
Schenker Customer Service Center

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